Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tiddly Ink's Challenge 35 - Quote Me

So this week’s Tiddly Ink challenge is called challenge me.  Although this card isn’t all the fancy, it really did come together nice.  I picked the quote from
Mary Horowitz (aka Sandra Bullock)- All about Steve                                                                                             “ Why should you have to change to be normal.  All you have to do is find someone who’s as normal as you are.”
I dedicate this card and quote to my daughter, but I feel we all can relate…. Remember the movie “Never Been Kissed” her true soles mates where the geeks and the science nerds.  I think everyone can relate to that somewhere in their life.  Anyhow, my daughter marches to a beat of her own drum and I am so grateful to get to share it with her.
So remember what is normal?
On the card side, I used copic markers to color in the digital stamp “Masked Avenger” from Tiddly Inks.  I will tell you when using this markers good paper really does make all the different.  Also although these markers are very expensive, honestly too expensive, they do have amazing blending ability which you should be able to see on the dress, cap, skin and hair.  However when you scan or take a picture of a card it really never seems as vibrant as it looks in real life.
Again, the whole thing was basic, I started with the quote and the thought of which picture would be best after I colored them I put it together, base was big dot embossed, and then cut on the edge to give it a scalloped bottom from Stampin Up.  Digital stamp was corner cropped, using punch from Creative Memory.  Two very simple small star brads and star punch from Creative Memory add a little accent.  Truly the stars where added to give a little something to that side of the card.  Finally I decided I didn’t want to do a flat ribbon or a bow, so I did a layered ruffled ribbon across the middle of the card.
I think I must love Colors because it seems like the cards I make have a lot of color to them.  I enjoyed this card, it came together super fast and my daughter is going to send it to Absolutely Mindy from Sirius XM Kids Place Live… She will understand it completely as she seems to march to her own beat also.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Be Me" - Tiddly Ink Chalenge #34

This week’s challenge is suppose to be about me…..  So here is what I came up with.  Although just a sprinkling on who I am, I think it turned out good.
I started with Tiddly Inks “Catgirl” digital Stamp
I picked this for many reasons…. One because it represents my family, me, my daughter and my husband.  Oh, and the fact that we have cat’s. Second was because I just love the symbol of the cat (Beckoning Cat or the kind lady cat)
The Second digital stamp I used was from the “Rainbow Dream Set”  I wasn’t sure when I picked it how it would fit in, but I felt that a rainbow represent  the bright and sunny yet colorful personality of me….
After I came up with my idle I decided that the rainbow should fall into stuff about me.  However when I went to the craft store,  I found a big collection of different buttons and such that would represent what I was wanting to do, but the sad thing was they were $2.99 per pack.  With just needing  one or two from each pack, realized that I would be $30.00 into it and that just didn’t make much sense.  Although I love to spend I do love a deal.  So what in the world to do?
So I thought I could create them myself, but how?  Then the kid in me came out and I remembered that I had sheets of plain Shrinky Dink paper at home.   Shrinky Dink paper is great, you create and color your item, then put in your oven and it shrinks up to only a small version of itself, but it gets thicker like a charm.
My shrink dinks represent a lot of things about me….. Music notes are because I just love music, all kinds of music, I don’t think I have heard a whole lot of music that I don’t like. Popcorn, because I love to go to the movies, the movie slate and Comedy Tragedy mask, again fall under the fact that I love to go to movies, but that I am also a member of the Screen Actors Guild.  The Hershey bar, do I really need to explain that?  Can you really have too much chocolate in your life?  I also like near Hershey PA.  The Diet Coke is my drug…. Most people need coffee, Starbucks, etc.   Well I NEED my Diet Coke!  Peace Signs, Daisies, and Smiley Faces mean a lot of different things, but we will just say it is because I am a product of the early 70’s. Peace, Love & Happiness Dude!
The ribbons coming out of the bottom are because I have sooooooo much energy that it just comes out of me….. lol  (Maybe I should cut back on the Chocolate and Diet Coke.)
The back ground paper was picked because I am a Disco Mama!  Although you can’t really see it in this picture, I sprayed it down with a glitter spray because you can never have too much sparkle in your life. 
I cut out the stamp colored a second one and cut out the cats to pop them up a little.  I used copic markers to color it and even though you can’t see it well I have pink highlights in my blonde hair because last season, I put pink in my hair for fun!  Plus you can never have too much pink!
I hope you enjoyed my card this week!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I got a top 5 pick

So for my Refresh Me card... the white one I got picked as one of the top 5!  See my special badge!  I'm am now understanding the Blog things so I will start to give more details about how I made it.  I look forward to  this next weeks challenge!  The theme is Just Be Me .  I have already started this card, and still putting together all of the brain storming.....  It will be a big worldwind!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

TiddlyInk white card

White is a lot harder to do then I would have thought.  I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New to the Blog world!

I am new to the whole world of Blog....  Honestly before having a kid I was very up-to-date and even beyond on tecnology, but not these days..... I hope to find new paper making, card coloring and everything else friends.