Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge #43 - Picture me

This week’s Tiddly Inks Challenge was called Color Me.  Sound somewhat simple right.  Well here's the catch.  It first could not be a square type card and it was suppose to be inspired by this picture.........

Although I often feel like I make my cards too simple and am always so impressed by what everyone does.  I am really proud of this challenge.  First of all because it must be a struggle for many as here it is Thursday night and I don't see any post.  It may be simple but I think I nailed this challenge! 

I started by coloring the background of my image.  I took chalks and started out with pink, then I put finger smudges in a light purple and then a few in dark purple.  I picked the image Always the Flower Girl.  Perfect name for this challenge also.  I colored it in using copic markers.  I did use a little more E11 to give her skin just a little more peach to it.  As you see by the picture it had a very soft feel so that was what I was going for, using pinks and purples.

After I colored it in it was time to figure out what shape I was going to cut this out as.  Round was where I was thinking for the image, but did I want to do 2 simple circles?  I decided to make the card as a lace circle.  Early on I was thinking I would make little tissue paper balls and put around the circle, but after I cut the lace circle I realized that it would cover too much of the lace look, so I went back to something my folks did in the 70's.  They use to make piñata’s all the time for events we were in (i.e. school stuff, scouts, etc.)   Not like the cheap ones they make today.  But they would take news paper and rap a balloon and then when that had all dried they would take little square tissues twisted on the tip of a pencil then push it onto the piñata.  So I tried that and then I put another one on top of that and another on top of that and the next thing I new I made a cute little tissue paper flower.  So I made one in pink, purple and silver gray, and decided I needed a little some in the middles so I pulled out my gems.  I put one in the middle of each flower and then put 3 on the other side, but I knew you can never go wrong with adding a little bling.  I then decided I should make it look like some sort of leaf type of thing so I cut a swirl and put that on top of the card over lapping the picture and put my flowers on top.

I hope you enjoyed my attempt this week.  I am very happy with how well it turned out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge #42 - Lucky Me!

For this weeks Tiddly Ink Challenge with being all about green, I desided to go with the feel of St Patties Day!  When I first saw this challenge I was going to go a different direction and then when looking at all my Tiddly Ink Digital Stamps saw this one called "Toasting Properly"  so I then thought I would look for a good irish toast.  Here's what I found..... 

Here's to lying, stealing, and cheating!
May you lie to save a friend;
May you steal the heart of the one you love;
and may you cheat death.

I colored Toasting Properly using my copic markers and although the colors are not a bold as in real life they worked out perfect. Shades of green, and Auburn/Red hair.  I was very happy with how the hair color turned out.  Being a blonde myself I find it more challanging to do go away from my natural hair color and when I started to color the dress green I had planned on going with blond but how rich the green looked I desided I need to make this a real irish girl, and so I went with the red.  I used E13, E17, E18, E19.

I was also planning on using only the center of the green dotted paper, but the shamrock swirles in a brushed effect made me deside to go with that also.  only added the gems because I needed a little extra something on both sides. 

So that is my creation for this week. Again somewhat simple but it works for me.....  I wish you all a very happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge #41! Kraft With Me!

This weeks challenge was called "Kraft with Me!"
Well it is alway a challenge for me not to want to color everything in, but it is always nice when it does work out without putting all the colors into it.  It reminds you that you can make a quick card to send out and love what you sent.  This was a great challenge because it forces you to use your scraps sometimes.  I myself have all kinds of color paper, but I realized I didn't really have any Kraft type paper, then I saw on the back of many of my paper bundles is a kraft card stock and I said, "Hey why go buy some, when clearly I have some here.  Ha Ha Ha what... Trash?  I don't think so,  I can always find a need for those scaps!"

I started by picking out my digital picture and I desided to go with Tiddly Inks  PURRRFECT 
it was great because it also came with some quotes that were already done.  I really like this little guy, it really is a fun little guy and I feel like I could even give this to a man.

Like I said I used scaps from the back of books for my kraft paper, cut into a square with my Spellbinders.  I then took some blue scraps and cut out a scalloped square which was a little larger.  At that point I desided to make my card a tri-fold instead of just a simple fold. (I haven't really folded my cards in other ways.  I really liked the way this worked and can see doing it again.)  I desided to make 2 rectangles to fill both sides and double layer it with blue and then brownish kraph like spots.  I picked one of the quotes which I popped up and layered also.  Then finished it with a couple of brads...  I would have gone with a brownish or rush brad, but I didn't have any so I just used a couple of star blue brads.

I hope you enjoyed my try at this weeks challenge!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge #40 - Color Me

This weeks Tiddly ink challenge was "Color Me".  This is never an issue for me as I tend to use bright colors to begin with.  Where my challenge did come into play is that I had limitted resources as I colored this on a plane and cut it out in a hotel.  I thought about the background before I started  so I made sure I cut out that, and brought foam squares to pop it up, but the hard part is that you have what you have when you aren't home so I would have added a little bit more.  In the corner I think I will put the word " colors".

I used Tiddly Ink stamp Sollytude  which I did a play on the rainbow spectume.  Knowing that white is the presents of all colors and black is the non I desided that for the most part she should be in that.  So I did the Hair in black and her yoga outfit in white.  I did deside uearly on that I needeed the head band to have a little color so I added a rainbow on her head.

Although I may add a little bit more to this card when I get home, I just want to say that I love doing stuff with Tiddly Inks arts because although simple, this card would be something I would love to get and proud to send as the artwork colored correctly can stand on it's own.

The only other thing I will say is I like to scan my cards, with the camra I always get weird spots that the light hits and the colors are never as great, although scanning fades the colors so I guess it will be a catch 22.  As my skill grow in my cards I hope that my photography will too.