Friday, June 10, 2011

Tiddly Ink Challenge #53 Going Goth & Tue. Morning Sketches #97

This card was a perfect card for me to do this week for Tiddly Inks Challenge #53 Going Goth.

I say it was perfect because I made it a "Missing You!" card and I certainly have missed you all.

Like everyone life has gotten a little crazy and I haven’t had the time to work on a card until late Monday and then it was just too late.

The font I used was called Bleeding Cowboy – odd name but it good name for how you would feel if you are missing someone Goth.

I used Tiddly Inks Gothic Lady I will say I did adjust it a little just to make it easier on me and this beautiful image has a wonderful frame on it that I did cut out.  I was drawn to this image for some time and had bought it a while ago.  You don’t often think of making someone crying, but she sure does make being sad beautiful.

I colored her with Copic markers, mostly in the red and black with the C grey family.  I did however use the colorless blender on the outside to give it that faded out color on the edge.  To give the red in her dress a deeper blood red I then went over it with W grey 02 which made a big difference.

I used paper that looked weathered to just finish that Goth and sad feeling.  And cut out 2 frames with my Spellbinders.  The design was to complete the Tuesday Morning Challenge # 97

I hope you enjoy my Goth Lady and I look forward to getting back into doing these challenges.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge Puzzle Birthday Hop

This week instead of Tiddly Inks regular challenge they are doing a special final birthday hop, but one part of this challenge was to post a card, any card that used Tiddly Ink digital stamp by 9pm.  Fortunately I had already colored one of the Bunny Boo Adventures for a card I was making for my niece who just had a little boy.  Nothing will make you feel old more than your niece having a baby……lol!  Boy they sure do grow up fast!
Anyhow, I used Copic markers to color the bunny in and also the blue background.  I then used Spellbinders to cut out the circle and layered lace circle and Sizzix to cut out my swirls.  Adding a little bling by adding gems and a couple of stars to add a little saying!
I hope you enjoy my quick creation for this week!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge #48 Mother's Day & Tuesday Morning Sketches!

This week’s challenge was a Mother’s Day challenge, which is perfect, because I needed a card for my mother!  I also figured I would do 2 challenges at once, so I followed the pattern challenge on Tuesday Morning Sketch.
I picked 2 different digital stamps this week from Tiddly Inks.   The first one I did was the background flowers called Flower Garden – it is not just a digital stamp, but paper also.  Although a good portion of the stamp got cut up, it still worked for a background great!  I then used digital stamp FlutterBy which was part of the birthday release.  I did cut it out and again didn’t use all portions of the stamp as I cut out the butterflies.  I decided instead of cutting out each butterfly I would just use butterfly gems.
I used my Spellbinders to cut out the shapes and the Cuttlebug to give some texture to the sky.  Coloring it with Copic markers.  I was unfortunately at a hotel trying to do this so sometimes you have to cut stuff up before you go and hope it works.  Although as I started to put it together I may have done a couple things different if I was at home, I can’t complain, and my mom liked it, which was who it was for, so I guess that is all that matters……  I hope you enjoy my project this week.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tiddly Ink Challenge # 45 - Bunny Hop With Us to Refer a Friend & Tuesday Morning Sketches #88

This week’s challenge was to get friends to Hop on over to Tiddly Inks and check out their challenge. Well, this week I knew that a bunny was of course the right pick but I think this one may have retired, which makes it ever better. The Tiddly Ink image I used this week was called, Hoppy Dance. I decided as an alternative for Easter, I would make it a spring card. After I picked my image, I wanted to give it the feel of a real bunny. You know how they have grey tips that blend into the white fur, so I thought I would go back to my old basics this week by using my water color pencils instead of my Copic’s.
I took a card stock that had flowers on them and picked a different cardstock to change the bottom. Using my Spellbinders I cut the bunny out in a circle and then the layer as a scalloped circle. I then used my Martha Steward Grass punch to make the border, and then over laid that with a cute jelly bean ribbon that my mom sent me. After I finished all these steps I thought it was still missing something and so I made my Hoppy Springs, where I just used punches, one oval and one scalloped oval. Then I still felt like it was missing that extra something, so I went to my gems and found a rainbow of small gems that truly made this card that I liked to a card I loved. It is always amazing how adding a little bling can make all the difference.
Tiddly Inks has so many great digitals and they have they even have freebies! Check out their challenge and tell them Judi sent you, after all you might win some extra freebies!
I HOP you enjoy!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge # 44 - Celebrate with us! Red, Black & White (also Tue Morning #87)

This week’s Tiddly Inks challenge was a birthday celebration to Christy.  It had to be Red, White & Black.
I decided that I would  try this a 2 challenges and go with Tuesday Morning Sketches.

I was very happy with how this card turned out, but I still have a long way to go to master black hair.  I am also still learning a lot about Copic markers.  I did get new paper delivered today after doing this that might make it easier to blend.  Sometimes I notice on the paper I use right now that it separates and leaves it a little blotchy.

I started like I do every week trying to figure out what Tiddly Inks digital art to use.  Then I realized I needed to make my daughter a birthday card for a friend.  So when I saw Take A Bow I knew this was the one.  The little girl that this card was for is Asian and so I knew that the black, white and red would work awesome.  I used Copic markers to color in and on the skin tone I used YR family so that it gave a little more yellowish skin.  It worked perfect.  I cut out my shapes with my spell binders, which are also new to me and boy do I really like them.  Always have to add a little bling, so some clear/white gems were needed and a black ribbon with white dashes completed the bottom.  Adding just a few gems on top of it.  I asked my daughter what she wanted me to use below the picture, flowers or buttons.  She decided she liked the buttons, but unfortunately I only had 1 of the flower buttons and so I had pulled out 2 other white buttons and 2 red buttons.  As you see my daughter decided on the red.  I ended my card with a few white highlights. 

I do hope that this card brings you the joy that it brought me working on it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge #43 - Picture me

This week’s Tiddly Inks Challenge was called Color Me.  Sound somewhat simple right.  Well here's the catch.  It first could not be a square type card and it was suppose to be inspired by this picture.........

Although I often feel like I make my cards too simple and am always so impressed by what everyone does.  I am really proud of this challenge.  First of all because it must be a struggle for many as here it is Thursday night and I don't see any post.  It may be simple but I think I nailed this challenge! 

I started by coloring the background of my image.  I took chalks and started out with pink, then I put finger smudges in a light purple and then a few in dark purple.  I picked the image Always the Flower Girl.  Perfect name for this challenge also.  I colored it in using copic markers.  I did use a little more E11 to give her skin just a little more peach to it.  As you see by the picture it had a very soft feel so that was what I was going for, using pinks and purples.

After I colored it in it was time to figure out what shape I was going to cut this out as.  Round was where I was thinking for the image, but did I want to do 2 simple circles?  I decided to make the card as a lace circle.  Early on I was thinking I would make little tissue paper balls and put around the circle, but after I cut the lace circle I realized that it would cover too much of the lace look, so I went back to something my folks did in the 70's.  They use to make piñata’s all the time for events we were in (i.e. school stuff, scouts, etc.)   Not like the cheap ones they make today.  But they would take news paper and rap a balloon and then when that had all dried they would take little square tissues twisted on the tip of a pencil then push it onto the piñata.  So I tried that and then I put another one on top of that and another on top of that and the next thing I new I made a cute little tissue paper flower.  So I made one in pink, purple and silver gray, and decided I needed a little some in the middles so I pulled out my gems.  I put one in the middle of each flower and then put 3 on the other side, but I knew you can never go wrong with adding a little bling.  I then decided I should make it look like some sort of leaf type of thing so I cut a swirl and put that on top of the card over lapping the picture and put my flowers on top.

I hope you enjoyed my attempt this week.  I am very happy with how well it turned out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge #42 - Lucky Me!

For this weeks Tiddly Ink Challenge with being all about green, I desided to go with the feel of St Patties Day!  When I first saw this challenge I was going to go a different direction and then when looking at all my Tiddly Ink Digital Stamps saw this one called "Toasting Properly"  so I then thought I would look for a good irish toast.  Here's what I found..... 

Here's to lying, stealing, and cheating!
May you lie to save a friend;
May you steal the heart of the one you love;
and may you cheat death.

I colored Toasting Properly using my copic markers and although the colors are not a bold as in real life they worked out perfect. Shades of green, and Auburn/Red hair.  I was very happy with how the hair color turned out.  Being a blonde myself I find it more challanging to do go away from my natural hair color and when I started to color the dress green I had planned on going with blond but how rich the green looked I desided I need to make this a real irish girl, and so I went with the red.  I used E13, E17, E18, E19.

I was also planning on using only the center of the green dotted paper, but the shamrock swirles in a brushed effect made me deside to go with that also.  only added the gems because I needed a little extra something on both sides. 

So that is my creation for this week. Again somewhat simple but it works for me.....  I wish you all a very happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge #41! Kraft With Me!

This weeks challenge was called "Kraft with Me!"
Well it is alway a challenge for me not to want to color everything in, but it is always nice when it does work out without putting all the colors into it.  It reminds you that you can make a quick card to send out and love what you sent.  This was a great challenge because it forces you to use your scraps sometimes.  I myself have all kinds of color paper, but I realized I didn't really have any Kraft type paper, then I saw on the back of many of my paper bundles is a kraft card stock and I said, "Hey why go buy some, when clearly I have some here.  Ha Ha Ha what... Trash?  I don't think so,  I can always find a need for those scaps!"

I started by picking out my digital picture and I desided to go with Tiddly Inks  PURRRFECT 
it was great because it also came with some quotes that were already done.  I really like this little guy, it really is a fun little guy and I feel like I could even give this to a man.

Like I said I used scaps from the back of books for my kraft paper, cut into a square with my Spellbinders.  I then took some blue scraps and cut out a scalloped square which was a little larger.  At that point I desided to make my card a tri-fold instead of just a simple fold. (I haven't really folded my cards in other ways.  I really liked the way this worked and can see doing it again.)  I desided to make 2 rectangles to fill both sides and double layer it with blue and then brownish kraph like spots.  I picked one of the quotes which I popped up and layered also.  Then finished it with a couple of brads...  I would have gone with a brownish or rush brad, but I didn't have any so I just used a couple of star blue brads.

I hope you enjoyed my try at this weeks challenge!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge #40 - Color Me

This weeks Tiddly ink challenge was "Color Me".  This is never an issue for me as I tend to use bright colors to begin with.  Where my challenge did come into play is that I had limitted resources as I colored this on a plane and cut it out in a hotel.  I thought about the background before I started  so I made sure I cut out that, and brought foam squares to pop it up, but the hard part is that you have what you have when you aren't home so I would have added a little bit more.  In the corner I think I will put the word " colors".

I used Tiddly Ink stamp Sollytude  which I did a play on the rainbow spectume.  Knowing that white is the presents of all colors and black is the non I desided that for the most part she should be in that.  So I did the Hair in black and her yoga outfit in white.  I did deside uearly on that I needeed the head band to have a little color so I added a rainbow on her head.

Although I may add a little bit more to this card when I get home, I just want to say that I love doing stuff with Tiddly Inks arts because although simple, this card would be something I would love to get and proud to send as the artwork colored correctly can stand on it's own.

The only other thing I will say is I like to scan my cards, with the camra I always get weird spots that the light hits and the colors are never as great, although scanning fades the colors so I guess it will be a catch 22.  As my skill grow in my cards I hope that my photography will too.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Challenge 39 - Teach Me - Shaker

Let me just say this was my first shaker and although kinda cool, kinda hard when you have all these little beads all over the place.  Also after you have sealed it up and decide maybe you would like a little less in there.  Anyhow, it is still a very cool concept and can really make a card.

I had many first for me on this card.  This was the first time I used a Spellbinder (let me tell you I bought a bunch and am so happy I did!  Love it and it is so much easier then pulling out my Cricut for things.)
It is the first time I used chalk to fill in the back ground, Although hard to see in the picture it really did make a difference not being all white.  The last first as I stated before this was the first time I did a shaker card.

The choice is always so hard every week and then you always hope that you don't do the same one everyone else is doing, but when I heard shaker and took a look I knew that I was for sure going to try it with Take Me Away . I thought that it would be fun to do something with bubbles!

I colored my digital stamp with Copic markers, which as I use them more; I can't imagine how I ever colored stamps in before them.  I just love how well they blend, and although when you take a picture the colors never look as great as they really do, you can see how high quality they are.

I purchased 2 different sizes of clear iridescent beads to give the feel of different size bubbles.

The last thing I am going to say about the shaker card is that it is so hard to take a picture of.  I had to do it from a angle, but it turned out okay.  I hope you all enjoy me attempt this week. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge 38 - Monochromatic

So this week’s Tiddly Inks Challenge is Monochromatic, which was a lot harder to processes at first for me.  Where to start….. What color to pick?  My first thought is to go straight to pink.  I love pink, but my second color was blue, how nice blue would be, maybe so lovely shades of green.  Hum….?  Well, the best way for me to pick the right color I figured was to pick the right digital stamp.  The great thing with Tiddly Inks digital stamps there are so many of them that can be off beat colors.  Things don’t look odd with pink or blue hair.  Then I saw it!  A fairly new digital stamp called SupahStar.  Then I thought again, what color to do?  I decided I wanted to keep the hair color a natural color, and so the color yellow came to mind.  Besides when I think star, I think yellow/yellow gold.  Not a color I love, but it defiantly is very bright, colorful and sunny!  As I am ready for winter to be over and even more ready for sunny days, I decided to go with it.  I colored it with copic markers and a big surprise I just loved the color Y26 mustard!  It looks so mucky on the cap, but wow it sure did make the difference in the yellows.  It also didn’t hurt that I found a really cool paper that had a great design on it.  You can never have enough glitter and rhinestones! This is how this card came about and in the end I really did end up loving yellow! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge 37 - Love Is in the Air

Simple & Sweet, the way love should be! 

I used Tiddly Inks  Little Bit of Love  for the background
and Valentine Bugg as the main stamp.

I tried to color it like the background was done, with the broken little kid kind of coloring, which is a lot harder to do because as an adult I want to fill in and smooth out things, but I think it turned out cute.  I used a light purple ribbon and made a bow, although a little smashed looking because I stuck it in a scanner it is a fluffy/firm bow.

I had a lot of little projects with a class full of Valentines to make, so sometimes it is nice when something seek and simple works out.  Enjoy your week!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tiddly Ink Challenge #36, is called Kiss Me, You Fool!!

Sometimes a week just doesn't go the way you so hoped it would.  When I first heard this challenge, I knew I was going to use Tiddly Inks “Sealed with” and I had thought pink.  When I heard kiss, I thought Sealed with a Kiss so that was where I went, I just replaced the paw with lips.  Now that being said, it is really easy to think about how things should come together in your head, but making it happen that way is not always the case.  Wednesday I woke up with no power, no school because of the weather and a horrible sinus infection.  So the week was really not on my side.  It took a while for me to feel well enough to even get to play.  I thought I would try to make it look like a stamp with a square card making little half circles to look like the edge of a stamp, but when I tried to put it in the punch the double up cardstock wouldn’t fit.    Bummer!  Cute thought, not going to work.  I know that you can die cut it into a stamp shape, but I broke the arm right off of my big shot this past week and am waiting for the replacement. (Stampin Up is a really good company, bought it from them, my fault that I broke it, I was pushing it too hard, and they still are replacing it at their expense.)  So that make me go with the simple basics.  I colored the kitty in copic pinks.  Tried to make it seem like spotted/hair because a cat wouldn’t  have smooth looking hair.  I cut the cat out, and popped it up which is hard to tell on the picture.  Trying to get that stamp feeling I then used zig zag scissors (crimping scissors) and cut around the outside of a matt.  I put 2 little red pearls on the top and bottom and just keep it simple this week.  I guess I got the challenge down twice….  After all don’t they say KISS (Keep it simple stupid)  and I did!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tiddly Ink's Challenge 35 - Quote Me

So this week’s Tiddly Ink challenge is called challenge me.  Although this card isn’t all the fancy, it really did come together nice.  I picked the quote from
Mary Horowitz (aka Sandra Bullock)- All about Steve                                                                                             “ Why should you have to change to be normal.  All you have to do is find someone who’s as normal as you are.”
I dedicate this card and quote to my daughter, but I feel we all can relate…. Remember the movie “Never Been Kissed” her true soles mates where the geeks and the science nerds.  I think everyone can relate to that somewhere in their life.  Anyhow, my daughter marches to a beat of her own drum and I am so grateful to get to share it with her.
So remember what is normal?
On the card side, I used copic markers to color in the digital stamp “Masked Avenger” from Tiddly Inks.  I will tell you when using this markers good paper really does make all the different.  Also although these markers are very expensive, honestly too expensive, they do have amazing blending ability which you should be able to see on the dress, cap, skin and hair.  However when you scan or take a picture of a card it really never seems as vibrant as it looks in real life.
Again, the whole thing was basic, I started with the quote and the thought of which picture would be best after I colored them I put it together, base was big dot embossed, and then cut on the edge to give it a scalloped bottom from Stampin Up.  Digital stamp was corner cropped, using punch from Creative Memory.  Two very simple small star brads and star punch from Creative Memory add a little accent.  Truly the stars where added to give a little something to that side of the card.  Finally I decided I didn’t want to do a flat ribbon or a bow, so I did a layered ruffled ribbon across the middle of the card.
I think I must love Colors because it seems like the cards I make have a lot of color to them.  I enjoyed this card, it came together super fast and my daughter is going to send it to Absolutely Mindy from Sirius XM Kids Place Live… She will understand it completely as she seems to march to her own beat also.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Be Me" - Tiddly Ink Chalenge #34

This week’s challenge is suppose to be about me…..  So here is what I came up with.  Although just a sprinkling on who I am, I think it turned out good.
I started with Tiddly Inks “Catgirl” digital Stamp
I picked this for many reasons…. One because it represents my family, me, my daughter and my husband.  Oh, and the fact that we have cat’s. Second was because I just love the symbol of the cat (Beckoning Cat or the kind lady cat)
The Second digital stamp I used was from the “Rainbow Dream Set”  I wasn’t sure when I picked it how it would fit in, but I felt that a rainbow represent  the bright and sunny yet colorful personality of me….
After I came up with my idle I decided that the rainbow should fall into stuff about me.  However when I went to the craft store,  I found a big collection of different buttons and such that would represent what I was wanting to do, but the sad thing was they were $2.99 per pack.  With just needing  one or two from each pack, realized that I would be $30.00 into it and that just didn’t make much sense.  Although I love to spend I do love a deal.  So what in the world to do?
So I thought I could create them myself, but how?  Then the kid in me came out and I remembered that I had sheets of plain Shrinky Dink paper at home.   Shrinky Dink paper is great, you create and color your item, then put in your oven and it shrinks up to only a small version of itself, but it gets thicker like a charm.
My shrink dinks represent a lot of things about me….. Music notes are because I just love music, all kinds of music, I don’t think I have heard a whole lot of music that I don’t like. Popcorn, because I love to go to the movies, the movie slate and Comedy Tragedy mask, again fall under the fact that I love to go to movies, but that I am also a member of the Screen Actors Guild.  The Hershey bar, do I really need to explain that?  Can you really have too much chocolate in your life?  I also like near Hershey PA.  The Diet Coke is my drug…. Most people need coffee, Starbucks, etc.   Well I NEED my Diet Coke!  Peace Signs, Daisies, and Smiley Faces mean a lot of different things, but we will just say it is because I am a product of the early 70’s. Peace, Love & Happiness Dude!
The ribbons coming out of the bottom are because I have sooooooo much energy that it just comes out of me….. lol  (Maybe I should cut back on the Chocolate and Diet Coke.)
The back ground paper was picked because I am a Disco Mama!  Although you can’t really see it in this picture, I sprayed it down with a glitter spray because you can never have too much sparkle in your life. 
I cut out the stamp colored a second one and cut out the cats to pop them up a little.  I used copic markers to color it and even though you can’t see it well I have pink highlights in my blonde hair because last season, I put pink in my hair for fun!  Plus you can never have too much pink!
I hope you enjoyed my card this week!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I got a top 5 pick

So for my Refresh Me card... the white one I got picked as one of the top 5!  See my special badge!  I'm am now understanding the Blog things so I will start to give more details about how I made it.  I look forward to  this next weeks challenge!  The theme is Just Be Me .  I have already started this card, and still putting together all of the brain storming.....  It will be a big worldwind!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

TiddlyInk white card

White is a lot harder to do then I would have thought.  I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New to the Blog world!

I am new to the whole world of Blog....  Honestly before having a kid I was very up-to-date and even beyond on tecnology, but not these days..... I hope to find new paper making, card coloring and everything else friends.