Monday, March 7, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge #40 - Color Me

This weeks Tiddly ink challenge was "Color Me".  This is never an issue for me as I tend to use bright colors to begin with.  Where my challenge did come into play is that I had limitted resources as I colored this on a plane and cut it out in a hotel.  I thought about the background before I started  so I made sure I cut out that, and brought foam squares to pop it up, but the hard part is that you have what you have when you aren't home so I would have added a little bit more.  In the corner I think I will put the word " colors".

I used Tiddly Ink stamp Sollytude  which I did a play on the rainbow spectume.  Knowing that white is the presents of all colors and black is the non I desided that for the most part she should be in that.  So I did the Hair in black and her yoga outfit in white.  I did deside uearly on that I needeed the head band to have a little color so I added a rainbow on her head.

Although I may add a little bit more to this card when I get home, I just want to say that I love doing stuff with Tiddly Inks arts because although simple, this card would be something I would love to get and proud to send as the artwork colored correctly can stand on it's own.

The only other thing I will say is I like to scan my cards, with the camra I always get weird spots that the light hits and the colors are never as great, although scanning fades the colors so I guess it will be a catch 22.  As my skill grow in my cards I hope that my photography will too.


  1. GORGEOUS. I would hang this on my wall!

  2. judi!!! this card is SPECTACULAR! i have to ask how you did that background?? it's AWESOME!

    thanks so much for playing with us again this week at TI!!


  3. Fabulous! Love that paper background and the highlights in her hair :)

    Thanks for joining us at Tiddly Inks!

  4. Oh this is awesome! Such wonderful colorful background paper for this Tiddly Image! Love the highlighting in her hair and that adorable flower too!

  5. Wow, I love the background for this card! thanks so much for joining us this week at Tiddly Inks!

  6. I love this too! I would also like to know how you did the background! Great job! Thanks for joining us at Tiddly Inks this week!

  7. wow this is totally awesome!!! love what you did with the background. thank you for joining us at tiddly inks this week.

    tip for when using a photocamera:
    when I make pictures with my photocamera I allways use a daylightlamp infront of it so it doesn't have to flash but you still get a beautiful picture without weird spots on it.

    greetings femke

  8. Lovely bright and colourful card, thanks for joining us on Tiddly Inks Challenge Blog.

  9. ooooh judi that background is awesome!! sollytude should be able to get into her meditation with ease!!! thank you for sharing it with us over on tiddly inks hugs Lou xx

  10. Love your card...that tie dye effect is amazing. thanks for being a Tiddlyinker this week

  11. Great card! The background is fabulous! Thanks for joining us at Tiddly Inks this week!


  12. wow...that is just lovely. The background is amazing!

  13. Fabulous background and WOW, what dedication doing the challenge while away. Thanks for jooining us this week! xxD