Monday, March 14, 2011

Tiddly Inks Challenge #41! Kraft With Me!

This weeks challenge was called "Kraft with Me!"
Well it is alway a challenge for me not to want to color everything in, but it is always nice when it does work out without putting all the colors into it.  It reminds you that you can make a quick card to send out and love what you sent.  This was a great challenge because it forces you to use your scraps sometimes.  I myself have all kinds of color paper, but I realized I didn't really have any Kraft type paper, then I saw on the back of many of my paper bundles is a kraft card stock and I said, "Hey why go buy some, when clearly I have some here.  Ha Ha Ha what... Trash?  I don't think so,  I can always find a need for those scaps!"

I started by picking out my digital picture and I desided to go with Tiddly Inks  PURRRFECT 
it was great because it also came with some quotes that were already done.  I really like this little guy, it really is a fun little guy and I feel like I could even give this to a man.

Like I said I used scaps from the back of books for my kraft paper, cut into a square with my Spellbinders.  I then took some blue scraps and cut out a scalloped square which was a little larger.  At that point I desided to make my card a tri-fold instead of just a simple fold. (I haven't really folded my cards in other ways.  I really liked the way this worked and can see doing it again.)  I desided to make 2 rectangles to fill both sides and double layer it with blue and then brownish kraph like spots.  I picked one of the quotes which I popped up and layered also.  Then finished it with a couple of brads...  I would have gone with a brownish or rush brad, but I didn't have any so I just used a couple of star blue brads.

I hope you enjoyed my try at this weeks challenge!

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